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Worst films of 2023 and 2022

Here is the list of Most Worst films that have been released in 2022,2023. 1.Dhakad-Kangana Ranuat action of  flick sadly become her worst film till date.When the film trailer got released everyone including ,me had high expectations from the film but film fell flat on the face. Also it can be called worst film of Kangana Ranaut. 2.KISI KA Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.-Again big budget film with Big Star.But the film just did not work for me.Infact i would watch Superstar Earlier films like Andaz Apna Apna,Wanted rather than watching this film. 3.Bachchan Pandey-Again this film can be counted among the worst films of all times starring Superstar Akshay Kumar,Arshad and Hot actress Kriti Sanon. The film is remake of a south indian film.

Get a view of Hollywood Action Star Slyvester Stallone and his family in new reality show.

Catch STAR of ROCKY And Rambo films in new reality TV Show called The Stallone Family which is streaming on Paramount TV.  Catch hollywood action hero with his sexy three daughters and beatiful wife in new reality show.  

Vin diesel and Jason Momoa latest Action film Fast And Furious X crosses 100 crs at indian box offce.

The latest part of Fast and Furious  franchise will cross 100 crs mark soon.The hollywood blockbuster action film has also crossed 500 millions usd worldwide.Also it has only film to earn 100 millions usd mark in China market. The  blockbuster film has Action stars like  Vin Diesel,Jason Momoa and Charlie Therzon in the lead roles.FF X has also become the first hollywood film to cross 100  crs mark in india this year.

Fast X the new action film of Fast and Furious Franchise has broken all records at box office in india and worldwide.

pics of the film.source Internet Fast x the latest Action film in the Mega Hit Fast and Furious franchise  has opened to excellent box office collections in india.and worldwide. The box office collections of the action blockuster is as follows India Opening 12 crs on thursday Friday 13,75,00,000 Saturday,17,00,00,000 Sunday 17,50,00.000 Total box collections 61crs.   

A new documentary series called Arnie will come on Netflix.