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Watch Timeless Classic Hindi film Kaagaz ke Phool in Theatres once again.

Watch One of the Greatest Classic  Hindi films of all times.Kaagaz Ke Phool back on big screen.Starring.    Legendary Actor and Director Guru Dutt and Timelsss.      beauty Wahedda Rahman .KKP is one of TRUE Hindi film classics but sadly when the film was released in 1959 in cinemas the film flopped  badly but later on over the years.      the film has become a cult classic Hindi film. It is also said.the film is inspired by real life story of Late.      Guru Dutt.Songs like Waqt ke Kiya kya Haseen Sitam and    Dekhi Zamane ki Yaari Many more songs of the film are still considered as chart busters.The film has made a permanent place in the Top 100 best films of Indian Cinema.

KALKI AD 2848 The most expensive South Indian made Sci fi Futuristic filmi s here.

Starring the biggest Superstars of North and the South Like Amitabh Bachchan,Deepika Padukone,Kamal Hassan in a negative role,Prabhas and Disha Patani and Many others in Kalki 2848 AD. 2848 AD is first of its kind Mega Budget Sci fi Experimental Film.Though the film is copied from many Hollywood Films.  like Terminator,Star Wars,And many others the film is still brave attempt by the director and Producer. Kalki 2848 has become the Biggest Mega budget Pan Indian film of all times beating Even Bahubhali 1 and 2 in terms of opening records. Just the budget  of the massive  film is enough  to make Headlines.Kalki Ad 2848 Is made Mega Budget  of 600CRS. As expected Kalki has broken all box office records both      Indian and nternational markets. Day 1 95 crs  Day 2 80crs Day 3 First weekend  Overseas Day 4

Kartik Aryan Starrer Chandu Champion gets good reviews from audience.

Kartik Aryan most awaited film has finally released in theatres today. The sports action film is directed by Top director Kabir Khan who has previously  given hit films like Bhairangi Bhaijaan,Kabul Express and 83. As it is bollywood is going a rough  patch as many of Big Budgeted films like Maidan,BMCM could not ever recover it's making cost and these big star film crashed badly. So let's see Can Chandu Champion surprise audiemces and trade and rescue bollywood.The action drama film is based.   on real life story of  Indian Army wrestler and Paraolmypic.  Gold Medalist Chandu Petkar. BOX OFFICE collection of Chandu Champion is Day 1 Friday 6cr Day 2 sat 7crs Day 3 Sunday 9crs TOTAL till now 27 crs. Worldwide 50crs till Now. Box office verdict Flop Budget 120crs. The film will have to cross 120 crs to be called a hit.

ROCK Music news-Led Zeppelin Singer Robert Plant and Alison Krauss release a cover of Old Led Zeppelin Song When the Levee Breaks

Classic Rock Band of the 1970s And 1980s Led Zeppelin Singer Robert Plant has collaborated with female Singer Alison Krauss for a cover version of their own hit song When the Levee Breaks from earlier album of the band. The famous Classic Rock Band Led zeppelin is Famous for Mega Hit Songs like Rock And Roll,Black Dog,And Guitar Anthem Stairway to Heaven.Led Zeppelin is still regarded as one of most successful Rock band of all times. . redirect=%2F%3Fafmc%3Dy0%26utm_campaign%3Dy0%26utm_source%3Dleaddyno%26utm_medium%3Daffiliate

The third season of famous web series Panchayat has released on Amazon Prime ott Platform.

Third season of FamousWeb Series Panchayat has got   release on Amazon Prime Video. PANCHAYAT 3 stars Jitendra Kumar ,Raghuveer Yadav.          and Neena Gupta,Durghesh Kumar and Faisal Malik in main.      roles. The award winning webseries is streaming On Amazon.        Prime,This is third season of the series which is based.      Village Panchayat.Panchayat stars  Famous Actors like. Jitendra Kumar,of Kota Factory fame,Neena Gupta,      Raghuveer Yadav,Faisal Malik and Chandan Roy in main roles.The series is written and Directed by. Chandan Kumar. .     Images source  Internet

Vivek Agnihotri Director of Famous films like Vaccine War has questioned Sanjay Leela Bhansali Latest Web Series Heera Mandi which is streaming on Netflix.

Famous Director Vivek Agnihotri has critized Latest Webseries HeeraMandi The Diamond Bazaar Of Acclaimed  Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali  which is streaming On Netflix currently. Heera Mandi is based on Tawaif Culture  of the Mughals era during the British Era in  which The Nawabs and Kings used.    to enjoy Visiting Brothels or Tawaifs .Recently released webseries Heera Mand is also based on the same topic.The webseries has got great reviews  from many fans and critics but some are also  criticizing the series. The Webseries has spectacular line up of Beautiful Heroines starting  with 90s Beauty  Manisha Koirala,Sonakshi Sinha,Aditi Roa,Richa Chadda and  Great Actors like Shekhar,Suman Adhayan Suman,Fardeen Khan in supporting Roles.

Alternative Rock Act Foo Fighter's returns with New Album Here We are after a gap of three years.

American Rock Band Foo Fighters has returned with rocking  new music thier  best album in years. The album is titled But Here We are has already been called best Rock album by Many Music Critics and Diehard Fans of The Foo Fighters . After the sad and tragic death of thier Drummer Taylor  Hawkins the band is back with rocking new album.Since rock n roll as genre is dead the Foo Fighters album is much needed boost for the rock music as a genre and Foo Fighters is truly last Great Rock and Roll band from the 90s Era of Alternative bands that has survived the Whole Hip Hop generation and Taylor Swift generation of teenagers. The album dedicated in the  memory of  Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl Mom Virginia Grohl. The album first single Rescued has already became a Super Hit on International rock Charts and Hard Rock Music Charts.