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Son of Superstar Shahrukh Khan Aryan Khan finally gets bail .The Star son will walk out of jail today.

 Aryan Khan Son of Bollywood Biggest Superstar Shahrukh Khan Aryan Khan has got a bail-in the drug case yesterday. After spending 23 days in Jail finally Yesterday Aryah got his bail. Fans of Aryan Kahan and SRK fans are rejoicing since their fav superstar son jas finally got bail after spending more than 23 days in prison.

Action Superstar Slyvester Stallone has annouced Expendables 4 is his last film in the Action Blockbuster series and he will not star in upcoming film in the Action Series.

Hollywood Action Legend Sylvester Stallone has announced that Expendables 4 will be his last film      in the series. Stallone announced this on social media. Sylvester has starred and directed and produced    4 Expendables films till now. First, two films in the series were Smash hits.  The third Expendables film was a average grosser .Now the fourth film will last one to Star Stallone,Jason Statham, Sexy Babe Megan Fox is the  newest addition to the film. Expendables is an Action film franchise which Stars many 80s and 90s Action Film Icons like Stallone, Arnold,Bruce Willis,Jean Van Damme,Jason Statham,Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren.

Slyvester Stallone and Jason Statham stars together in Action Franchise film Expendables 4.

 Hollywood Action Superstars Sly Stallone reunites with Action Star Jason Statham in Expendables 4. Both Stallone and Jason Statham play lead roles in the film. This time Hollywood Sexy Babe Megan Fox has also joined the cast of Expendables. But there is also sad news for fans of Stallone who has announced he will no longer be part of the Expendables series.The film might be released in theatres if cases of corona get reduced.

Korean Boy Band BTS new song creates history as the song Butter reaches N.01 on Billboard POP charts.

Korean Boy Band BTS has created history by becoming the first band from Korea that has reached N.O 1 position on Billboard Top 100 charts with their latest Hit Single Butter.BTS the Korean Pop band has become a household name all over the world.BTS has also collaborated with British Rockers Coldplay recording a new song titled My Universe which has also reached N.O 1 position on Top 100 pop song charts.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan celebrated his 78th birthday on October11.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan celebrated his 78th Birthday few days back. But due to covid 19 restrictions, the superstar did  not celebrate his birthday this time. The Superstar is currently hosting     the Game Show KBC which comes on the Sony TV channel. Superstar seen in many Big Budget films will which will release next year on Big screen if cases of covid19 get less or come in control. There is also good news for fans of  Hindi Cinemas as theatres in Mumbai are reopening today on  Oct 22.2022. First film that will be releasing in cinemas is Big Budget film Sooryavanshi which stars Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan and Ranveer Singh Starrer in main roles.The film is directed by Hit Director  Rohit Shetty. Bhramastra which stars Ranbir Kapoor, Nagarjuna,Alia bhatt and Amitabh Bachchan in main roles will also release next year.  The film is the first of its kind film which will be released in three parts        will release next year in 2022 along with other Big Budget films like Aam

Phamous Film Review-Watch this film for Fine Performances by three of the most Underrated Actors.

It is not very often You get to see four great actors coming together in a film. Since All these four actors are very selective in their films, cinemas lovers often do not get to see all of them,m together in a film. Let me end the suspense am talking about Three  of the Cinema's finest actors Kay Kay Menon,Pankaj Tripathi and Jimmy Shergill.Now been I have a huge of fan of Parallel Hindi Cinema I pretty much watch all the films made in this genre. Starting from Shaurya which starred another of my all-time fav actor Rahul bose with Kay Kay Menon. Phamous is story of Kadak(Kay Kay Menon) and Tripathi(Pankaj Tripathi_)who is corrupt politican  who are dons of Chambal. Now Pankaj Tripathi is a womanizer and he is always looking for the helpless woman he can manipulate. Kay Kay menon has his own gang of Dacoits who people fear in Chambal.

International Music-British Rock Star Liam Gallagher will perform at UK most famous Venue Knebworth PARK next year.

British Rock Star Liam Gallagher has announced he will perform at Most Prestigious Rock Venue Knebworth Grounds next year in June 2022. Liam announced on Twitter that he will perform at Knebworth along with Alternative rockers Kasabian. Liam has also announced the title of his third album  Common You Know which will come out Next year.                                                                                                                                    Pics-Source Internet The government in the UK has allowed Outdoor concerts despite the rising number of Corona cases in United Kingdom.LIAM Gallagher recently had performed at the Reading Festival which is the annual music and rock festival which takes place in Reading UK.

Hard Rock Legends Guns N Roses aka GNR releases a new single

The 80s and 90s Hard Rock Band Guns N Roses released a new single titled Hard Skool which marks their return to hard rock era of 80 and 90s.GNR as they are famously called by millions of their fans was away from mainstream rock music for many years has now returned with a smashing new single Hard Skool which is actually from their 2008  Controversial album. Hard Skool sees a return of GNR back to their of roots of hard rock and blues. The band was really popular in the early 90s.GNR recorded a double album box set called Use Your Illuison1 and 2.Both the albums were highly successful commerically and critically.Use you illusion Part 1 and 2 had many hit songslike November Rain, Estranged and Civil War which became huge hits at that time. But sadly Gun N roses broke up in the 90s  mainly due to ego clashes between Lead Singer Axl  Rose and guitarist Slash. But luckily for the fans band reunited in the 2000s when Slash and Axl Rose decided to let go of their differences and ego issues.