Fans of Action superstar Stallone are disappointed with the Film Creed 3.

Hollywood Action Superstar Slyvester Stallone has said in media that he is not happy with Makers of film.Creed3.And he would not watch the film.

The actor said he might star in Creed 4.Stallone has written and directed many Rocky Films.In fact he wrote the story and screenplay of All time blockbuster boxing Saga Film Rocky 1 which  was released in 197 6which made Sly overnight Super Star.Since then Stallone has appeared in all Rocky films.Sly is also famous for his role of soldier John Rambo in First Blood,First Blood 2.Rambo 3 and Rambo 4 Action films.


picklemonkads said…
I was eager to see what Creed 3 has to offer as a fan of the Creed series. Sadly, I was left with a little disappointment. It felt like a step down from the first two movies in the franchise since the movie lacked the action and energy that fans have come to anticipate from Sylvester Stallone.

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